Women in 2012 are having a lot of things around to be inspired with. In earlier days it was clear that the most important things for a woman are marriage, family and looking after the children.  In 2012 a woman is not just sitting at home and serving as a slave to her husband, looking after the children. Nowadays she is more empowered by education, technology, and new trends of styles, tastes, relationship, and carrier. A woman has become more wise and self-confident. Today’s women need the liberty to get all their aims and make all their wishes come true. Furthermore, they are getting more and more independent. Liberate is the most important issue for women in 2012. When we say “liberty”, it travels long way in the process of woman’s activities. Therefore we can talk about liberation in education, building up a carrier, housekeeping, participating in politics, etc.   

Women in different spheres

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In education women by now make up the majority of university graduates in the countries which are having high-income economies and a large scale of human development. Nowadays women want to be involved in the fields, where only men used to participate. The heaviest machinery, such as construction of roads, buildings, bridges, power generation facilities, airport runways, levees, agriculture and other structures, which were usually operated by men, can now be easily operated by women; however, some institutions are still allowing only men to take such posts, even if women are legally entitled to participate. Moreover, a lot of women have achieved the highest results in these areas. Therefore women in 2012 need the liberty to participate in all the fields and spheres which only were allowed for men. In many families all over the world women earn a living for the whole family. In the job market today women hold the top positions. In many developing countries in 2012, various jobs were not permitted to women because some authorities still do not allow women to be hired. Women run several of the world’s great companies, as CEOs and even higher positions but the societies of many countries still condemn them, just because they are women. This is an advancement of women’s equal entrance to the employment and decent work. Women need more liberty to do different things, which were not allowed to them by their parents, families, husbands, governments and the society.

The liberal empowerment

The liberal empowerment of women in many countries all over the world was developed and now they are facing the challenges very bravely, not like in the earlier times. Women were trained to face any challenges which appeared in different spheres of their lives, such as housekeeping, education, employment, politics, and many other areas. In today’s society women have taken a giant role, looking after their house, children,  getting an education, keeping a welfare, serving their husbands or parents, other relatives, building up the carrier as well. Some fail in maintaining all these duties, due to not having opportunities to do it the way they wanted. Women play multiple roles with a great success as mothers, wives, businesswomen, daughters and sisters or as the successful students. Therefore, women nowadays work more hours per day than men do. In this situation women are equal with men but still they are not given the power needed to fight for their rights. The fact that in most cases women’s decisions in different spheres gain the best results cannot be denied. Today in the modern Olympic Games both men and women are allowed to participate in most kinds of sport. We may suggest that in 2012 women’s most important issue is to get their liberty in choosing opportunities and ways to realize all the goals in their lives.

Social activities

In social activities women again take the top position owing to their charm, physical attraction, and various talents.  In the modern world women are socially active as well as politically, participating in the state affairs. There are many presidents among women in various countries, many leader of opposition, many Supreme Court Judges, many CEOs of the biggest companies etc. Unfortunately, despite all the above facts, many women are not given the proper respect and authority and even threatened for attempts to act equally with men. It should be mentioned that women have fought for their freedom and have gained it into some extent. But there are still many things to obtain by women so they have to continue fighting for the liberty to achieve their goals.


Another issue of modern women’ world is lesbianism. Lesbians all over the world are demanding to legalize their needs, claiming that they were not born as lesbians, but because they have lost their trust in men and do not want be the part of the men’ world.

Women in 2012 must have a right to choose whether to bear a child or not. If there is a threat to the women, there exist many laws enforced to protect them. Unfortunately, most of the laws still do not work properly.


Today many women are under the threat of human trafficking; the activists who protect the rights of the women are working hardly to secure them. Though still the women who fight against these kinds of issues were treated badly and threatened. There are many cases of women who served as sexual slaves and were not allowed to leave their houses. In many countries still women have to obey the elders in marriages and marry a man chosen by their parents. Modern women need to stop those humiliating issues and get the right to choose their lives by themselves.

Thus, the most important issue for the women in 2012 is to change the lifestyle by gaining their independency and liberty in everything that is still forbidden, to be able to live a full-fledged life and achieve all the goals.

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