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The framework of feminist leadership in social transformation can be used to explain the role of women in higher education. The framework argues that feminist leadership enables people to respect the dignity along with choices and decisions of every follower (Batiwala, 2011). The theoretical framework claims that feminist leadership in terms of social transformation contains four main components including power, principles, politics, and practices. Feminist leadership aims at making the power democratic and visible (Madsen, 2008). Moreover, feminist leadership ensures that equality is maintained among all followers, human rights are observed, and peace is maintained. Besides, the leaders involve strategy and a clear vision ensuring good communication throughout their leadership. Feminist leaders transform the society by taking the leading roles in their families, civil societies, private sectors, the state, cultural and religious institutions.

This theoretical framework can be used to explore and synthesize women leadership in higher education. Female leaders tend to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each follower. This will help women as leaders in higher education since they will be considering the differences of each student before implementing any educational policy (Bowler & Wolverton, 2009). Furthermore, feminist leaders always encourage communication while implementing their leadership. This will help to ensure good communication in higher education. Due to this, conflicts between different departments in educational sector will reduce, which will have a positive effect on higher education. Feminist leaders take into account equality in human rights. This will help them in higher education since they will consider the rights of the minority while formulating educational policies and implementing educational programs. This will help in ascertaining that every citizen has access to education facilities regardless of his/her race.

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