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The majority of men until nowadays is sure that woman’s place is at home at a hearth and among kids. Who will give up a beautiful, smiling wife, delicious supper and a double dressing-gown that woman carefully gives to a man? Women’s work inside the home has its advantages and disadvantages. Many women, getting tired from ‘benefits’ of emancipation would devote themselves to their kids, family and comfortable cozy home with pleasure. What makes women look for a job? Finances are the main reason. No money – no pleasure and no choice of standards of living. It gives a possibility of self-realization, aspiring to independence. Deep inside a woman’s mind, she dreams about the role of a family hearth keeper. For those women who don’t want to sacrifice themselves for the sake of work there is freelance work at home (Da Silva). Translators and server-designers can work without tearing away from a house, as well as copywriters and proofreaders, editors and programmers – this list can be continued. Such work will become a significant help for an active mom on maternity leave, who dreams to make good use of her spare time (Da Silva). There is no need to be in a hurry to get to work; it is possible to have a good sleep. There is a risk to get lazy though, so it’s better to organize one’s working hours to make it in time. Another good thing is a considerable saving of money spent on transport and dinners in the nearest café, but practically complete absence of physical activity and closeness of refrigerator threaten to largely affect women’s slender bodies (Lunn). A woman who works inside her home is calm and content with her life. So if a woman is well organized, industrious and able to put aims and achieve them, and wants to change her life to a more comfortable living, working at home then will be a perfect choice.

Women’s work outside the home

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute interrogated the women employees of a big IT company.  The number of women working at home and in the office was equal. As the research showed, the majority of them prefer to go to the office. Certainly, offices are not the best way to spend time for them, but at home they feel lonely. As a result, depression comes and a necessity to combine work and home businesses results in stress. There are other women friends that are waiting for them at work, so spending a great time together at the office becomes a habit. In spite of a workload level, communication is one of the advantages of working at the office, since employees do not feel isolated. For some women it is an occasion to boast a new dress. It is necessary to mention that many unemployed mothers have sense of isolation. On the contrary, those women who go to work say that they feel perfectly and do not feel the depression disorders. As long as a woman stays inside home she is constantly thinking about family troubles. For these sensitive women the best choice is to work outside. Office working disciplines women and makes them stronger. She learns how to manage her time and these necessary skills she can use even at home.  The remote work increases psychological tension, as many women notice. They suffer from a brain-fag and confess that family conflicts have not disappeared.  For justice’s sake it is worth noting that those women, who coped with stress better and got along with requirements both at work and in the family, could identically easy perform their official duties at home and in the office.

In conclusion it would be best to say that our world is so beautiful, interesting and colorful that it would be a pity to lose an opportunity to work outside the home. The more women evaluate and change their daily routine the better they feel at home.

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