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My experiences in life have taught me to be patient with children primarily because of the fact that everybody else was once a child and. Furthermore, different children come from different backgrounds and it is therefore important to treat each child uniquely. At one point in my life I was dating a lady that I was in love with and she consequently became pregnant and informed me that the baby was mine. Although I was shocked and did not know what to do, I decided to take the responsibility. I was happy that the lady gave birth to a baby girl and I proudly stepped in to play the role of the baby’s father. I dedicated all my weekends to spending time with the child and we would sometimes go to the movies or just spend time enjoying each other’s company. I even took the initiative of visiting her school and talking to her teachers to learn of the child’s progress with school work. I continued caring for the child despite the fact that her mother and I were no longer together. When the child was around eight I realized that the mother was not taking care of her as required and decided to request for the full custody of the child. Initially the mother agreed but when it came the moment when I was supposed to take the child she changed her mind.
I endured the dishonesty for few months until I decided to seek legal assistance. However, before the court could do anything I received a letter informing me that a DNA test had been conducted and that the child was not mine. The letter also informed me that the child’s father was a colleague of the child’s mother and that their relationship had been going on even when we were together. I was so disillusioned and angry at the child’s mother for lying about something so sensitive. However, I had established a bond with the child and continued to look after her due the fact that the mother was irresponsible. Currently the child lives with her mother’s aunt and the experience I had with the child nurtured in me a fondness for children. I have learnt to handle kids and my friends kids have even taken to calling me their uncle. Children like to be guided and sometimes in guiding them it is important to ask them questions regarding certain things that they have done in order to establish the motive. Children sometimes think differently and it is important to be understanding instead of being judgmental. Children like everybody else make mistakes and it is important that they are taught how to learn from the mistakes. In dealing with children I have learnt that patience is very important because it creates the room for children to be children and enjoy the thrills and challenges of childhood. My passion is to see children enjoying their childhood by playing games such as basketball and football in a safe and secure environment. The passion stems from the experience I had with the little girl who I had thought was mine but was not.

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