World War II was one of the most devastating events that ever occurred in our world. Although many nations tried to avoid it but later they were forced to fall as the victim of war. For instance, a treaty of non-aggression with Soviet Union was broken and invaded by German troops; as a result Soviet Union also fell into the trap of World War II. United States was neutral right from the start of the World War II, but with the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Military, U.S also joined the Allies. Therefore the World War II became an unavoidable devastation throughout the world.

Was the World War II unavoidable?

Although many steps were taken to avoid World War II right after the World War I. The treaty of Versailles and later the formation of League of Nations were among the many steps taken by various countries to avoid any other World War in future. But it failed due to many drawbacks and incompetency to meet the changing world requirements. Some of the other reasons that made World War II unavoidable were as follows.

The Humiliation and destruction of the countries after the end of the World War I resulted in the development of feeling of discontentment and discomfort in the hearts and minds of the loser countries.

Rise of the Nazism in Germany and Fascism in Italy that gave way to a new rise and hope from the discontent of the people from the earlier war losses and humiliations.

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Hitler’s hatred for the Jews and his alliance with Mussolini for various political goals also resulted in making World War II unavoidable. The hatred against Jews, which was more a political issue brought Adolf Hitler come to power. He took full advantage of this opportunity and planned a process of change and increasing political boundaries which he mentioned in his book “Mein Kampf” or “My struggle” that he wrote when he was in Jail. It should  be noted here that during sixteen years of age, due to lack of funds, Hitler took shelter in Jewish homage and even worked and made friendship with Jews co-workers, whom he worked with and relied on.

Rise in the military power of Germany and Italy sparked the making of alliance’s and treaties between various countries. England and France started bringing other European countries come under Alliance, while Germany and Italy were trying to making their own Axis. (Weinberg, The Foreign Policy of Hitler’s Germany : Diplomatic Revolution in Europe, 1933-36,)

The Start of the World War II

The World War II started with the order of Annexation of Austria and Sudetenland given by Adolf Hitler in 1938. On September 1, 1938, Hitler’s army invaded Poland. France and England had a defense treaty with the Poland. As a result England and France also send an ultimatum to Germany which resulted in the declaration of war against Germany on September 2, 1938.  The German tanks and machine guns took the war at such a high pace that country after country fell in to the trap of German Empire. (Weinberg, The Foreign Policy of Hitler’s Germany: Starting World War II, 1937-1939, )

World War II went in favor of Germany, during June 1941 when German army attacked Soviet Union even after ignoring the non-aggression pact made in August 1939.

Later on December 7, 1941, Hitler army faced a series of crushing defeat at Moscow followed by Stalingrad in 1942-43. By this time United States which was neutral entered the war after the attack of Japanese on the Pearl harbor in December 1941. The outcome was that by 1944. The Allies occupied Europe and many German cities were destroyed by bombing. The fall of the fascist leadership in Italy, the major ally of Germany also worsened the situation for Germany. Watt, Donald Cameron. (How war came : the immediate origins of the Second World War, 1938-1939,. New York: NPantheon, 1989.)

On May 7, 1945, German army declared unconditional surrender against the allies. Thus on May 9, 1945 the allies declared its victory and today this day is also celebrated in Europe as VE day.

On June 6, 1944, the attack was made by allies in form of 7000 ships, 195,000 naval personnel and nearly 133,000 troops in Germany. Seeing the losing side of Japan the Kamikaze pilots or suicide air force personnel took the front seat and started making explosions in the enemy army with half a ton of explosion loaded.

On August 6, 1945, the first atomic bomb named Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima. This was followed on August 9, 1945 by dropping second atomic bomb named Fat man on Nagasaki another Japanese city.

Thus on August 15, 1945, Japan also surrendered and VJ day or the Victory over Japan is celebrated till today.

Adolf Hitler during and after the World War II:

Adolf Hitler started the war by attacking Poland. During the war he ordered his army to show brutality towards the Jews. Jews were killed at large scale throughout the Europe. Where ever the Hitler army went Jews were the first targets. Thus the main objective of the Hitler army was the Annihilation of the Jewish which was achieved up to two third till the end of the war.

The battle of Stalingrad on August 1942 to February 1943 became the biggest turning point in the state of war and start of the defeat of the German army. At first the siege of the Russian city Stalingrad by the German army trapping a large number of alliance force troops proved beneficial for the German army. But with the onset of winter, the German army was unable to cope with the changing environment and the result was rise in the causalities of the German forces itself. This gave way to the Alliance to once again move in direction of victory. Around 2 millions casualties were noted in this war. Later the siege of 900 days siege of Leningrad now St. Petersburg ended in January 27, 1944. Thorne, Christopher G. (The Issue of War: States, Societies, and the Coming of the Far Eastern Conflict of 1941-1945 . 1985.)

Nearly 641,000 people died during the siege of Leningrad. During the Last days of the World War II, his special team of lieutenants started defying his orders. He was so much full of remorse and afraid to come in the hands of the enemy army that he finally decided to suicide. Thus on April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide joined by his new bride and long term mistress Eva Braun. (Berenbaum, Michael. “The World Must Know”. New York: United States Holocaust Museum, 2006)


Holocaust of the Nazi party and Hitler aim to clean the world from Jewish people became the root cause of World War II. Hitler used Swastika logo during his reign, which was adopted by his Nazi party in 1920. Swastika sign is an ancient sign which looked like a twisted cross. A lot of attempts were made by the spies and conspirators to kill Adolf Hitler but all went unsuccessful. The main motive of Adolf Hitler was to kill as many as possible Jews people around the World.

World War II was another manmade disaster seen by the world. It took millions of lives and destruction of cities that was uncountable.

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