YouTube is the largest video platform and one of the most popular sites in the world. Undoubtedly, the fact that the site’s management is not afraid to take risks and invest in new strategies and try new options contributes to its ever-growing popularity.

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One of the site’s recent experiments is the site’s content strategy. The site has already invested $ 100 million into this content strategy, and the money is likely to pay off. This content strategy is about launching new premium channels with original content. Also, these channels are going to be divided into different categories, like pop culture or music. This new strategy will provide companies with an excellent opportunity to advertise globally and have their own channels on one of the most popular sites.

This YouTube’s content strategy sounds really lucrative and promising. The world’s leading companies will be able to buy channels on YouTube and have their own vlogs, which is much better than bombarding Internet users with annoying advertising popups. If an Internet user gets interested in some company, they will be able to find their channel on the site and follow it to find out about the company’s latest news and updates. Moreover, this strategy is likely to facilitate the process of communication between companies and customers making it more interactive.

Furthermore, as it has been mentioned above, channels fall into categories. Each channel attracts a specific target audience. Some of the channels are more profitable than others. Consequently, profitable channels that show promise are funded by the site, while unprofitable and unsuccessful ones are not supported. This is likely to lead to the appearance of competitive web TV channels that will provide their viewers with quality videos devoted to the topics they are interested in. These premium channels somehow remind regular TV channels. However, they are more viewer-oriented and personalized, as TV channels usually combine programs devoted to different issues, while on YouTube a viewer will be able to follow channels that are about the issues they are interested in.

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