Very often employees of different professions and qualifications get injured at their workplaces. Health problems do not always appear as a result of hard physical toil or inappropriate working environment. Some of the disorders can be caused by calm and monotonous work. Such disorders are rather widespread and they are called repetitive motion injuries.

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One of the most common health problems of this kind is a carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). This disorder is characterized by pain, burning and numbness at the area of palm, wrist, thumb and fingers, and also grip weakening. Such symptoms are caused by inappropriate work of a carpal tunnel, a small joint that runs from a wrist to a palm. This tunnel is connected with median nerve, which is in control of movements and sensations of a hand.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is usually connected with some other health problems, such as rheumatism, thyroid disease, arthritis, diabetes etc. Sometimes the appearance of this disorder is also explained by congenital factors and hereditary predisposition. Such conditions, as obesity, pregnancy, wrist and hand injuries and some kinds of medical treatment are also named among the reasons for CTS. However, it is stated by Silverstein, Fine and Armstrong (2007) that certain types of work can also cause this illness. Namely, such activities as monotonous wrist movements, durable use of vibrating tools, repetitive forceful or pushing hand movements and other similar activities can be dangerous for health.

If carpal tunnel syndrome appears, different kinds of treatment can be chosen according to the stage and severity of the illness. Usually, the hand is firmly fixed in order to avoid extra strains and damage. In addition, some medicine may be used to reduce pain and swelling. Sometimes special exercises are prescribed, but they must be supervised by a doctor. Severe cases often need surgical interference. However, the best way to avoid the risk to your health is to take preventive measures at workplaces and to be very attentive to any painful sensations.

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