Book Review Essay Writing: Basic Steps

A review essay can be based on any written article, book or film.  Book review essays are aimed at the assessment and particular reaction to the selected book. When you are a student, you cannot avoid working book review essay tasks. The more book reviews you complete, the more experience you get. That is why you need to develop your writing skills as much as possible because at some point you will think about publishing your book review essay. It will help you to show your findings to the world, to share your thoughts and ideas and allow other people to apply them in their research work. Prior to publishing your book review essay, you should know that it has to follow certain writing standards and meet academic criteria. Below you can read about some of these requirements.

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The following aspects should be discussed in a book review paper:

  • Author’s contribution to the selected field of study;
  • Why is the contribution valuable and useful?
  • Has the author managed reason and support his/her thesis with proper evidence?

In addition to reading the selected book, the reviewer should be acknowledged about the information related to this book. He/she should gain additional knowledge and conduct a research work about the selected topic in order to provide a flawless review. You can read the book review essay examples we offer at our website to get inspired and start creating your own book review. On our website you can find the right book review essay samples.

Short Story Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin

No work of art can be created separately from the social and historical context. It is rather difficult to distinguish between phenomena taking place in society from the historical events, because in the end everything becomes history, and the latter specifically deals with the development of societ...
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Novel Farewell to Arms by Earnest Hemmingway (Poetry Analysis)

The paper focuses on the the novel Farewell to Arms one of the most famous war novels ever written by Earnest Hemmingway. It is totally different from other war stories; however, this novel does not glorify the experience of war. Ernest Hemmingway is one of the most remarkable writers of the modern ...
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Mindless Eating

In his book, Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think ,Brian Wansink a food psychologist reveals to us ideologies that back reasons on why we eat, what we eat and the quantity of food we actually eat. Behavioral economics is an area of study which uses social, emotional and cognitive elemen...

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The Story of an Hour

The short story “The Story of an Hour” written by Kate Chopin in 1894 has attracted the people even now because of the relevance of the theme involved in it in the present world. Even though Kate Chopin was a controversial writer in the nineteenth century because of her debatable stands on ce...

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Hitler Book Review

Ian Kershaw, Hitler 1889-1936: Hubris

(New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 1999), 845 pp.

The book Hitler 1889-1936: Hubris by Ian Kershaw reveals biography of ...

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Soul of a Citizen

Chapter One

In our ordinary lives we come across difficulties and challenges in our lives, the challenges are supposed to make us stronger and not weaker, if we become stronger we will leave a better life to overcome the coming challenges in life. In the boo...

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‘Snow Falling On Cedars’ Book Review

Question: Snow Falling on Cedars is often characterized as “a novel of place.” What are the significant places in the text and what occurs in each? Compare and contrast the mood and the tension found in each of the settings and the role each provides in both chara...

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Women in Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” and “Color Purple”

At the present time, the society can enjoy many literary works which were written by talented authors. There are many themes which any reader could choose from, such as fantasy, horror, romance, and many others. The literary works that are based on the experience of t...

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Love’s Executioner and other Tales of Psychotherapy

In the book “Love’s executioner and other tales of psychotherapy”, Irvin compiles ten of his documented cases with approval from his patients and changes names of the patients for confidentiality purposes. He writes about various patient’s problems, such as ob...

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Comparison Between the Book and the Movie “War”

The book War by Sebastian closely compares with the documentary film Restrepo by Hetherington and Junger.  The writer talks about a scene of war in Afghanistan that he witnessed. The war took place at a time when he serving US army as a regular soldier. The documentary film on the other hand dra...

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In My Hands Book Review

So many books have been published concerning the events that took place since World War II and the unethical events that took place during the times of the Holocaust. This book- In My Hands by Irene Gut Opdyke who is also known by the name Irena Gutowna is a real life true story. This story is writt...
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The Name of the Rose Book Review Sample

The Name of the Rose was the first book written by Umberto Eco from Italy. It is basically a mystery of historical murder whose setting is in an Italian monastery dated 1327. It is generally an intellectual mystery which combines semiotics in a work of fiction, analysis from the bible, literary t...

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The Story of Esther Essay Sample

In his first book, Arthur depicts Ahashverosh conferring with Haman dressed in gorgeous robes. In the second book, Szyk portrays a clear message that the Jews will always emerge as the winners in their fight with their enemies to stay alive. He portrays Haman and Hitler as a part of a chain, thou...

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The Day of the Locust

The Day of the Locust is novel written by Nathaniel West. The Novel was published in 1939. It depicts the world of 1930s Hollywood. In this novel, Nathaniel focused on the existed disparity between the image presented of Southern California and the reality of the experience of those who were eith...

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Last Duchess


The response of the narrator of Margaret Atwood’s short story critiques the poem “Last Duchess” in several ways. According to the poem, the duke stops in front of the portrait of the late duchess and starts reminiscing about the life of the duchess. The duke clai...

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More than a Carpenter

In “More than a Carpenter,” McDowell (2009) explores the life of Jesus as it was depicted in the Holy Bible. McDowell, who was once a skeptic – an unbeliever – however, in the book, the author closely analyzes the life of Jesus by presenting criticisms or arguments against the existence a...

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Sweetness and Power by Sidney W. Mintz Book Review

When talking about industries which involve slave trade, most people would think of coffee, tobacco or cotton, but no one associates sugar with slavery. Really, nowadays, sugar is present in literary every product we consume, it has become so popular and at the same time so common that few would thi...
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Troll Bridge

When reading a book, one usually focuses on the plot, characters and their actions considering them to be the pivotal part of any story. Meanwhile, there is another vital element which not only makes it easier to imagine what is going on, but helps create the mood and reflect author’s feelings,...

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Lost at School

The lost at school book by Greene describes his tried proof based approach which can be applied to help in challenging kids at school.  Having done research from neurosciences, he tries to offer a new theoretical skeleton for understanding the hardships of kids with behavioral challenges and als...

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