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Art is an excellent source for paper ideas. Multiple styles of art, movements and genres will help you find and select the topic you are interested in the most. Art essay writing will definitely bring you joy. When you feel bored with college papers and their generally accepted standards, it will be interesting for you to read our little post because we can offer you a number of unusual topic related to art essays. They include art of various countries and eras. It is not only exciting to write art essays about particular artworks, history or artists, this type of assignment will expand your erudition. Therefore, make a step into the magical world of aesthetics and beauty!

It is a well known fact that if you do not want to repeat the mistakes of past, you should learn the history. The same rule is applied to art essay topics. History of art is full of interesting topics. All you have to do is to select the one you like most. Select any era, any movement in art, any art school and describe its specific features, origin and its brightest representatives.

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It is not always necessary to become and art expert in order to perceive and comprehend art. In addition, it is not required to spend your life in a museum or art gallery. If you need to understand art, it is better to open your heart and to the emotions presented by the artist. Start perceiving art as different streams falling into the river that moves in one direction. We have posted art essay examples for cause and effect, argumentative as well as compare and contrast papers. These types of papers are often assigned to students. They develop critical and analytical thinking. Students learn how to reason the topic logically. In case you feel that writing art essay is not your cup of tea, contact to get expert help. Little assistance is always better than staying with problems on your own. Let us offer you our reliable assistance and get your paper done for you!

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Ghanaian Culture in the Artwork at Harn Art Museum

Harn Diversity

This paper surveys varied cultural identities and the links between Gainesville, a college town in Florida, and the Ghanaian culture as mirrored in the artwork at Harn Museum. In particular, the paper examines how the Kabas and Couture, modern Ghanaian fashion exhibition dis...
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The Convalescent Paintings

“The Convalescent” by Willard Leroy Metcalf belongs to the representational style. The title of the work suggests expounding on the story of the depicted person. Presumably, she had been ill but started recovering. The title helps to find the emotional key to reading the canvas. It helps the vie...
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Liberal Arts: Space, Power and Agency

The Influence of Specific Environments on the Production of Identity and Subjectivity

Identity is a notion that defines who a person or a group is; a complex of qualities that makes the person or group different from the others. Meanwhile, subjectivity refers to personal beliefs or feeling...
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Why Western Museums Are Gaining Traction in the UAE

In light of the new trend in which Western museums are opening foreign branches in the UAE, this study focused on establishing the intentions of this trend while also exploring how the UAE will benefit from having these museums. Museums are not just a place where art and culture is preserved for the...
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The Influence of Piazza Campo dei Fiori on the Roman Lifestyle

Piazza Campo dei Fiory

Rome is one of the oldest European cities, whose streets and buildings reflect the early Roman Empire architecture, as well as grand Christian churches and temples bring tourists back to the mediaeval historical events. Some modernist and contemporary buildings, out ...
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In Which Ways are Art And the City Connected

With the industrial and technological development, the change in ideas and understanding of a particular phenomenon, the world changes and transforms numerous rules and principles that were previously established. What was significant in the pas...
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Postmodern Art

The 20th century was full of different new styles in art, music, literature, sculpture and architecture. The two World Wars, economic changes, the progress of technology were influencing the views, opinions and moods of the people and were reflected in the arts. Postmodernism, that replaced the m...
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Asian American Theatre After Miss Saigon (Art Essay Example)

The Play Miss Saigon by Cameron Mackintosh

Asian American Theatre experienced a lot of difficulties and injustice in the 20th century. First of all, it is due to the preconceived attitude to the Asian diaspora in America. The Whites were guided by stereotypes. The Asian people were associa...
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The De Stijl Style in Architecture of the 20 th Century (Analysis Paper)

De Stijl Interiors

A group of architects and artists founded the style “De Stijl” in Netherlands in 1917. The main point of the movement was to express ideas in straight lines and rectangular forms with clear primary colors and non-colors. This style is also known as neo-plasticism bec...
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Indigenous Art In Australia (Research Essay Example)

Aboriginal photography

Indigenous art plays a great role in modern Australia because it is a field that connects strongly the past with the present and has an ability to define further development. From the historical perspective indigenous people were considered only as subjects by the se...
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The History and Peculiarities of Iranian Ali Qapu Palace (Art and Design Essay Example)

The paper is devoted to discussing the history and peculiarities of Iranian Ali Qapu palace. It is a bright example of Iranian architecture due to the combination of the basic arch elements that have their peculiarities, namely: great iwan with a pound, murals of famous painters of that time, specia...
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Women Patrons in Renaissance Italy

What concerns the perception of art, people usually imagine an artist, who is deeply engaged in the creative process with all the stereotypic attributes like an easel, brushes or a chisel of a sculptor. However, the artists are obviously not the only part...
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Louis Armstrong and Leon Bix Beiderbecke Music Essay

Hot Jazz vs Cool Reflective Music

Introduction The lightness, easiness, vigor, and optimism of jazz music amaze many listeners worldwide. Louis Armstrong and Leon Bismark Beiderbecke, known as “Bix,” are the outstanding representatives of the jazz age. The compositi...
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Design and Nature Speaker Notes Sample


Slide #1. Nowadays, when the world is turning to its origins, and people become eager about healthy lifestyle, eco-design had gained its popularity. Modern eco-design is an ecological style in the interior made of natural materials; this style gives one a feeling of freshness an...
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Design and Society Speaker Notes Sample

Slide #1. Design products are aimed to help in overcoming the existing alienation and dissociation of human beings in the process of creating a harmonious environment. Everyone has their personal system of values, and design, on the one hand, allows you to maintain and develop it, on the other hand,...
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The Art Movement of Romanticism Essay Example

The art movement of Romanticism was an artistic, intellectual, and literary trend that originated in Europe. This movement was viewed as the strong reaction to the Industrial Revolution in Europe. The art movement of Romanticism gained its momentum towards the end of the nineteenth century when neoc...
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Martin Wong’s Artwork ‘No Es Lo Que Has Pensado’

Characteristic of 'No Es Lo Que Has Pensado'

No Es Lo Que Has Pensado (It is Not What You Think) (Wong, 1984) is a story about two individuals attached to each other. They are African-Americans that enjoy staying alone in a muddy street at one of the suburbs of New York. The big c...
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Photographic Reproduction and Dissemination Essay Example

Photography Brief History

Introduction In the mid-nineteenth century, American reporters professed that the mechanical advancements in transportation and interchanges created the "destruction of space and time." On steamships and railways, explorers could now cross tremendous dis...
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How Los Angeles Pop Art Connected With Minimalism Architecture

How Minimalist Architecture is Connected to the Modernist Architecture

Los Angeles is a huge city shaped by progress, industrialization, and development. It unique spirit relies on the history, culture, and architecture. This city is a kind of a monument to industrialization, urbanization,...
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Early Chinese Photography Research Paper

Lai Fong and the Afong Studio

Art has always been an important form of human communication, expressed in images and designs that portray the artist’s feelings, emotions, and opinions in regard to various life issues. It has existed for a long time, ever since people started to draw on th...
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Latin American Art Exhibition Essay Example

Visual art is a bright expression of a soul of a nation. Although Latin America is an impressively diverse place, it is perceived as a holistic region, which has its common characteristics, features, and peculiarities. The history of this region is very ancient and influenced by various natural and ...
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Humanities and Michelangelo Through the Arts Essay Example

Guernica by Pablo Picasso and Martyrdom of Saint Matthew by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio are two famous paintings done 337 years apart. Both works share a theme of conflict albeit brought out in different settings according to the backgrounds of the two artists. Despite the mentioned theme, the...
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Andy Warhol’s Public Image and Art Research Paper Example


Even after his death Andy Warhol remains the most commercially successful artist of the twentieth century. The phenomenon of his success was studied from different points of view, from cultural studies to economic analysis. Dependi...
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The Pop Art Movement and The Establishment of Commercial Photography Essay

The U.S. Style and Design of the Twentieth Century: Pop Art and Commercial Photography

The phenomenon of art is timeless. It is a part of the people’s life for thousands of years. It usually applies to humans’ ideas of high. The particular art movements with their individual peculiarit...
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The Art is a Lie that Helps Us See the Truth More Clearly

The Truth in Art and the Art in Truth

Introduction Art is an eternal and sensitive thing that is the means of expression of human creativity, feelings, and emotions. Since art can be the figure of the imagination, it relies on such instruments as the exaggeration, deception, and decorat...
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The Wheat Field by Vlaminck Art Essay Example

In-person museum experience may provide much more information about an art work than looking at the image of a painting or sculpture online. It adds more emotions to the process of interpreting a piece of art and makes the contact between a viewer and an art object closer and more personal. This pap...
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Interaction of Chicano Cultures: Art and Literature Essay Example

Chicano is the Latino population of the Southwest United States that colonized the land in the XVI-XIX centuries during the Spanish colonization of America, creating Spanish missions in North America, and in the conditions of independent Mexico of the years 1810-1848. According to Charles M. Tatum, ...
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Pablo Picasso as a Ceramic Artist Essay Example

The art has allowed humans throughout the ages to express themselves and convey their emotions to others. It is an excellent way to understand the time by seeing what the different artists were expressing. Pablo Picasso is one of the famous artists who with the help of his works transferred his feel...
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Female Body in Manet’s Olympia and Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon Art Paper

Picasso's and Manet’s Depiction of Women

Female nudes have always been one of the most popular themes in the art of all epochs. There are impressive Paleolithic figurines depicting nude goddesses of fertility, Greek and Roman statues of Venus and other female deities, and many later pain...
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Modern and Contemporary Art Essay Example

Introduction Contemporary art may serve as a basis for various associations not only for ordinary people but also for the most complicated and knowledgeable connoisseurs of avant-garde direction in art such as abstract painting, enigmatic performances, unusual sculptures, shocking exhibitions or ...
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Art and Design of the Edge of the XIX-XX Centuries Essay Example

The art of the edge of the XIX-XX centuries is interesting by the variety of branches that shocks society and divides it between traditionalists and followers of the non-canonic art. From one side, the artists felt the necessity to break the stereotypes and limits of this sphere, transform it into f...
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Female Melancholia in European Cinema Research Paper Sample

Female melancholia in European cinema relates to the expression of women suffering or subjugation in the society through the use of art. A number of filmmakers in Europe employ the melancholic style in order to capture the state of life considering the state of women, which was often degrading. Alth...
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Art Museum Report Essay Sample

An art museum is a space or a building used to exhibit art especially visual art (Phaidon Press, & Schlagman, 2011). Museums can be private or public and are distinguished by the collection ownership. This essay looks into two art museums in New York. The organizations examined include the Brook...
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Nobuo Nakagawa as the Inventor of Japanese Horror Essay Sample

In 1998, the Japanese horror film titled Ringu by Hideo Nakata conquered not only Asian but also American and European movie markets. Moreover, it initiated a literal epidemic of similar movies which copied the stylistics of the original version. When Hollywood bought the rights for the remake, it o...
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Duke Ellington Jazz Artist Paper Sample

A new musical direction called jazz was born on the verge of the XIX-XX centuries as a result of the merger of European and African musical cultures. Improvisation, expressiveness, and a special type of rhythm are the peculiar characteristics of this musical style. At the beginning of the twentieth ...
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Sheikh Zayed Mosque Art Research Paper

Sheikh Zayed Mega Mosque

This paper will discuss the construction of a Mega Sheikh Zayed Mosque, its founder, and its location in Abu Dhabi city, in UAE. It will also regard the application of different concepts and architectural designs that the mosque combines, the descriptive analysis o...
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Abu Dhabi Louvre Art Essay Example

Project of Louvre in Abu Dhabi

The Purpose of the Report

The aim of the current research is to describe the project of Louvre in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. Since the given construction is one of the greatest cultural events in the world during last years, it deserves ce...
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Women in the Development of Avant-Garde Art Essay

The issues of gender bias in the history and art have created implications in identifying the contributions of women in the development of avant-garde art masterpieces. In some cases, their contributions have been overlooked, ignored, or even attributed to men artists. However, the assessment of the...
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Ingmar Bergman and The Cinematography Art Essay Sample

Themes of Faith, Death, and Divergence of Life in Bergman’s Works

Ingmar Bergman has contributed to the development of revolutionary cinema in Sweden and established the upheaval of the European cinematography in general. The majority of Bergman screenplays were written by the artist him...
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Dancing House in Prague Architecture Essay Sample

Prague is a city known for its magnificent architectural design. The Dancing House is the one of the most magnificent structures built towards the end of 20th century, because it represents a man and a woman dancing together. The building was designed a few years after the fall of communism in Czech...
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Thematically Based Chinese Art Exhibition Catalogue Essay Sample

The show’s main topic is calligraphy as one of the major aspects of Chinese cultural heritage. It is impossible to develop a genuine great culture without written language. Chinese language is known for its complicated tonal system as well as tens of thousands of hieroglyphs instead of alphabetic ...
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Feminism in Graphic Design Essay Example

Graphic design is the sphere of art which involves with wide range of forms, such as corporate identity, illustration, design media, etc. In general, graphic design is a visual medium which is collectively created by designers in a certain period of time. The current paper covers the development of ...
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Art and Designs Response Paper Example

From the historical perspective, Art and Designs have played significant roles: for instance, they were used for communicating past occurrences and aesthetic appeal. In relation to designs, one can argue that in the neoclassical time, they belonged to the real masterpieces of art because early human...
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Traditional and Commercial Art Comparison Essay Example

The concept and the form of art have substantially changed over the last decade. These complicated variations led to an enormous number of challenges for the art in the USA. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast traditional and commercial art; while some similarities between these two...
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19th Century Survey of Arts Essay Example

The art of the 19th century summarized realistic and academic aesthetical practices, suggested new methods of expression, techniques, and stories. The most revolutionary trends were impressionism and symbolism, which formed the basis for the development of the 20th century art. They disagreed with t...
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Art Therapy Essay Sample

Art therapy is considered to be an effective and creative brain-wise approach to various mental health problems. This therapeutic technique has justified its efficiency because it not only fosters personal growth and self-awareness but provides effective aid to people with depression, posttraumatic ...
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Art Movements in Painting Review Essay

It will not be an overstatement to say that art has been evolving in waves, or in leaps. After a more or less tranquil stretch a turbulent period arrives. Although this statement is a play on words, in comparison with Dadaism and Cubism, the preceding Impressionism is perceived rather calm than not....
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Rembrandt’s Art in Relation to Patrons Essay Sample

Rembrandt is known as one of the most outstanding and influential artists in the history of the Dutch and the world’s art. Just as his name stands for the notion of quality itself, his individuality in art is very well established among the scholars investigating pictorial masterpieces. However, n...
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Elizabeth Peyton Artist Essay Sample

Elizabeth Peyton is an American artist whose painting tactic comprises of operating directly from pictures. These photographs may be hers or may belong to others. Peyton has become famous for the depiction of celebrated and regal personalities. These portraits contain...

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Comparison of Aristotle and Machiavelli Art Essay Sample

Both Aristotle and Machiavelli were the political thinkers who came up with different thoughts about the current political systems that were capable of governing nations. Aristotle (384- 322BC) lived long before Machiavelli came on the scene. He was born within a smal...

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Ophelia by John Everett Millas Art Essay Sample

Ophelia is a painting by john Everett Millas, it was completed in 1852 it is of the type oil on canvas. Its dimensions are 76.2 cm × 111.8 cm (30.0 in × 44.0 in) located in Tate Britain, London. It shows Ophelia a character in Shakespeare’s plays Hamlet, singing before she drowns in a r...

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Photojournalism is the art of reporting news through photographs. Brian Horton, a seasoned photographer, alongside eight other recognized and experienced photojournalists, published a book with advices in order to help novice photographers improve their skills and learn what photojournalism is t...

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Art Work of Inspiring Artists

The concept of spatial design is relevant particularly to digital animation. Reference for spatial design decisions can be found in the values and principles of visual arts disciplines. The following paper puts forward an analysis of the design specialist option which consists of 3D Product Spat...

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Visual Art and Self Identity

Visual art

Art involves a wide range of human activities as well as the product of such activities. There are different types of art, but the most common is visual art. It comprises the formation of objects and images in different fields that range from sculpture to photography and pri...

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Pablo Picasso – Beginning of Cubism

The masters of the previous generation had already strongly shaken the firm bases of the European art up to the beginning of the 20th century - the time of Cubism’s birth. A traditional African sculpture was very popular in Europe at that time. It showed the example of a free handling with a form:...
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Comparing Between Two Pieces of Art

Each epoch’s art is more than just a product of esthetics and creativity. In terms of history, art can be a source of evidence about society and nation that produced it. Thus, comparing between Greek and Roman pieces of sculpture gives an opportunity to understand the way people lived and ...

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Velazquez and Rubens

The 17th century was an epoch of great advances in the fields, literature and art. It gave birth to such wonderful creators as Diego Velazquez and Paul Rubens – the artists that have changed the face of European painting classics forever.

Diego Velazquez

Diego de Silva V...

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Art History Essay

Throughout history, human civilizations have espressed themselves through various means including art and culture, languages and othere but what has remained the most prominent of expression is the Art. The history of art dates back the first human civilization that lived in caves so the art in g...

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Art Annotated Bibliography

Suydam, Marilyn, N. (1982)

The Use of Calculators in Pre-College Education: Fifth Annual State-of-the-Art Review 

Columbus, OH: Calculator Information Center

Provides evidence that students may start exploiting calculators as soon as they enroll in school, thu...

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Australian Sports Industry


Australian sports industry is an interesting subject of investigation as it is a complex body connected to many other life spheres of Australians. This research is going to reveal the main tendencies of Australian sport activities and the influence of both inside and outsi...

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Curvilinear Aesthetic in Chinese Art

China is a country that is rich in culture as vividly displayed in the various ways. Among these ways, Chinese artwork remains to be by far the most outstanding over time. These artworks can be traced back to several centuries ago during a time that was marked with different dynasties that lasted...

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St George Cabinet by Philip Webb

When it comes to the handicraft definition, technique and skills cannot go unmentioned. It is also important to understand that among all the designers involved in the human skill labor defending, the England and America arts and crafts movements have always had a close association. However, this...

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Romanticism Essay

Romanticism is a literary, artistic and philosophical movement that began early in the 18th century in Europe (Galitz, 2000). It lasted for about a century and a half up until mid-19th century. Romanticism had an intense focus on the individual consciousness. It was a continuation of the enlightenme...
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Death in Art

Historically, death and life have always been mysterious aspects to human and that have in most occasions drawn controversy and superstition. The basis of religion has been postulated as the need for human beings to find an explanation of death and life. The belief in a much higher authority in ...

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Century Art

This paper will look at two pieces of art done roughly during the same time by different artists who used the same technique. The major theme of the two paintings is also similar but the two artists manage to bring out their own perceptions, but also the perceptions of the communities they belon...

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Native American Art

Artist Oscar Howe has tried to translate human emotions or expression into pictorial forms through his paintings. Indian traditions are depicted in modern aesthetic painting style. The subject matter for the paintings is derived from Dakota traditions. The postures of the human figures are more i...
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The Relationship Between Art and Religion

The relationship between art and religion is not a relationship that cannot be contradicted nor is it an indistinguishable one. There subsists between them an affinity and a strange mutual aid. Both religion and art lift us up and awaken in us a determinacy towards an ideal world. However, if the...

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The Starry Night Painting

Painting is an arty of creating an impression of culture and real life through abstract means of a drawing tool and a material like canvass.  One of the most prominent painters is Vincent van Gogh who painted The Starry Night. The painting creates an impression of a starry night filled with ...

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Postmodernism in Art and Photography

The 20th century was full of different new styles in art, music, literature, sculpture and architecture. The two World Wars, economic changes, the progress of technology were influencing the views, opinions and moods of the people and were reflected in the arts. Postmodernism, that replaced the mod...
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Apocalypse Now (Film Review Sample)

Apocalypse Now is a powerful and fascinating masterpiece, which intrigues with the director’s work, performance of actors and the story line. Starting as a low budget film, it turned into Coppola’s most massive investment of money, thoughts, and ideas. Apocalypse Now engages the view...

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In My Hands Book Review

So many books have been published concerning the events that took place since the World War II and the unethical events that took place during the times of the Holocaust. This book- In My Hands by Irene Gut Opdyke who is also known by the name Irena Gutowna is a real life true story. This story i...

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Gothic Art and Scholasticism

Gothic art

Gothic art has always played an integral role in world art hereditary as its architecture, paintings, and sculptures amazed not only medieval people but also contemporary art critics and visitors. The appearance of Gothic style was more than evident in architecture whereas i...

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What is Art

Many a time the definition of the term “art” has been a challenge or may be a term that we lose its wider understanding  in coming up with a distinctive meaning. Basically we have come across this term in our daily activities that we have personally created a personal definition...

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Photography Art

Twigs are typically subtle, lonesome and fragile elements of the trees and bushes. Being considered separately, they are usually seen as gangrenous and detached parts that no longer bear life. Even though separate twigs are weak and brittle, twigs combined in a bunch, a bush, or a tree show thei...

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Sculptures of Greece Essay Sample

Artists are inspired by politics cultures, environment to create different form of art. Different statutes and paintings symbolize different things in the society.


Semiramis is an outstanding chryselephantine stature of a stunning Revue dancer by Demetre chiparus. Semiramis is a...
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Homoeroticism in Greek Art Essay Sample

The Parthenon frieze has over the years formed a subject of heated interpretation and debate thus leading to numerous problems such the actual size of the freeze and the ideal meaning of the frieze to the Athenians. There are numerous ways in which the identification of Parthenon scenes has been ...

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The Malthusian Catastrophe

A Malthusian catastrophe is also known as Malthusian disaster, trap, or crisis. It is a situation where the community turns to a subsistence level of existence or living due to scarce resource. This may be caused by overtaxing or poor weather conditions (Malthus 66). The author check on the prod...

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Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was born on 6th July 1907 and died on 13th July 1954.  She was a Mexican painter whose great popularity has since spread across the globe. Her distinct paintings of vibrant colors brought out a style that was mainly influenced by the Mexican culture, symbolism, surrealism and rea...

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Development of Ancient Greece Theater Essay Sample

More than two thousand five hundred years ago, theatre was born into the western world, all thanks to Athens in Greece. Athenians between 600BC and 200BC came up with a theatre culture that had a culture, techniques and terminologies have lasted for more than two millenniums now.  In addition to th...
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Art and Culture Essay

The pantheon, also known as Chiesa di santa maria ad martyres is one of the greatest historic spiritual structures in Rome and the whole world. It was initially built as a Roman temple and later on, sanctified as a Roman Catholic Church (Birley 283). It was rebuilt by the Emperor Hadrian in the p...

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Painting Reflection

Painting title, artist, date: Hilltop, Maxfield Parrish, 1926

What events influenced this painting? How?

The peace and unison during this period influenced the painting. This is because the world was at peace and people were beginning ...

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Mahaprajapati with the Infant Buddha Painting

Mahaprajapati with the infant Buddha painting was an artistic painting by Wang Zhenpeng in the early 14th century. The artist was a Chinese from Yuan Dynasty and was an active artist between 1280 and 1329. (Pratapaditya 23-24). He used ink and color to produce the image of Mahaprajapati nursing t...

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Theatre of the Italian Renaissance

Italian Renaissance took place from around 1550 to the late 1700s. As a result of a rapid growth of the economic sector in Italy at this time in history, it was possible for the wealthy people in the society to engage in alternative types of entertainments. Italian Renaissance initiated the way ...

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Classical and Medieval Art

The classical art

The classical period (3000 B.C. - A.D.500) was mostly predetermined by the role of art in the ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. This art comes from the mythology and takes the themes and plots from it, as well. Afterwards, it turns into an independent field of cult...

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Ox-Bow Incident by Walter Van Tilburg Clark

Biography of Walter Van Tiburg

Walter Van Tilburg was born in 1909, August 3 in the East Orland, the USA. He used to be an American novelist, educator and the writer of the short stories. Clark was one of the most famous and talented Nevada’s literary persons of the 20th century....

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