To define the most suitable security level of a penitentiary to which an inmate should be assigned

Firstly, the records of their mental and medical screenings that were done during their entry into the prisons have to be considered. These records are detailed and will include the profile with crime committed, social and educational background, health conditions and any prior criminal registers. Grounded upon this, the inmate will be allocated an appropriate level of security classification in prison. However, it is not enough, during the course of their stay in prison, the inmates will continue to be evaluated. Their resultant behaviors such as increased agitation, sociability will determine the levels of security they will be placed under until their release. That accounts for measures such as solitary cells and being denied time on the yard.

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Determining housing assignment within a prison suitable for each inmate

Housing is determined by more or less the same procedures as the above. However, there are other specific measures that may be taken for instance the age difference between the cell mates, the prisoners’ race and ethnic origin. The prison authorities should take into consideration the fact that the differences should not be very big.

To guide inter-institutional transfers because of security of treatment process

The most obvious glitch would occur. if the prisoner had prior cases of trying to escape. In this case the inter-institutional transfer will require more guards to increase vigilance and the transfer will have to be discreet. Other inmates are also very aggressive, so even if they have no prior cases of escape, they may pose a threat to the guards during the transfer. Naturally the less aggressive prisoners will not require a lot of procedure during their transfer. Another instance is when an inmate’s stay in prison is a threat to his life or to the lives of other prisoners. This may require them to be transferred.

Appropriate level of supervision and treatment services for inmates

Discrimination against the inmate during the supervision should be advised against as this breeds animosity amongst the prisoners. There should be fair treatment and distribution of labor in regards to their skills. If the prisoners are required to interact with the public then security should be tighter. This is to ensure that the animosity that may occur between the prisoners and the public is reduced. In such cases the aggressive prisoners or those that are considered to cause a risk will most likely be subjected to tighter security or not be allowed to interact with the public.

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