Economists define discouraged workers as individuals who have attained the legal age of employment yet do not hold any job. Most people experience long-term unemployment because they do not actively seek employment. Unfortunately, other people realize futile efforts because they constantly lack employment opportunities. The job market is still beyond the understanding of many people. Millions of citizens have lost their jobs and have been out looking for employment for more than half a year. In the global economy, there has been a cyclical drift in growth and production. Economically, cyclical unemployment minimizes when the business cycles are at the crest. Whenever the economic output drops, cyclical unemployment elevates. Therefore, the business cycles have caused cyclical unemployment.

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Cyclical unemployment has significantly contributed to the numeral of discouraged workers. Economists illustrate that cyclical unemployment occurs when businesses lack adequate demand for labor. People lack employment because businesses cannot accommodate more employees. This is because the economy output is low and the companies lack adequate capital to cater for the employees. People become discouraged due to the constant turndowns from companies. During the economic expansion, the market becomes affable because the level of economic activity elevates. Commonly, the goods and services become readily available in the market place.

The economic output maximizes thus promoting employment opportunities. The business cycles elevate and the cyclic unemployment loosens up. Therefore, during this period the economic status stabilizes because cohort of individuals acquires employment. Economic expansion would be contributed by several factors, which include technology, monetary policies, regulatory policies, and fiscal policies. Therefore, in many countries the economic activities are influenced by the global conditions. Economic fluctuation minimizes economic activity in a country. Economic expansion is inhibited because companies cannot expand their businesses, open new branches, and invent new products. They cannot employ people due to lack of adequate capital. Therefore, the country experiences less profitability and spends more than its income. It gets into a situation of budget deficit.       

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