Existentialism just like rationalism and empiricism can be categorized to philosophical term which is a member of intellectual history.  As a result, this means that existentialism and what it refers to borrow a number of terms and convincing personalities from the discipline of history. This term as already indicated was adapted by Jean Paul Satre for his personal self description. Existentialism as a philosophy branch lays a lot of emphasis on man’s existence in relation to his choices and right of freedom. Much emphasis is also put on the existence of mankind and the numerous problems, hardships and trials that he has to undergo everyday of his life and what he dopes to survive.

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In relation to the 20th century broader term, existentialism looks at how man came to be, it looks at the undertakings that took place leading to man being placed on the earth. The notion that is forwarded by existentialism is that man must exist first; this is what everyman irrespective of the environment or the things that surrounds him. Later after the existence, the time that follows is spend by the same man to change in nature or essence so as to survive.

As noted by Davis, Harrison, Johnson and Crawford, existentialism as a philosophy discipline is majorly concerned with man trying to find and identify what life is all about through choice, free will and individual responsibility. Existentialism claims that people are often trying to find who they are? What they are and what they are here on the earth to carryout. This identification is only possible by basing the explanations on individual experiences, outlook and beliefs.  Personal choices are deemed to be different and unique and will not have to be influenced by any form or truth objectivity.

A number of political, philosophical and religious ideologies have come together to define and tell us what existentialism is. As a result of these, it can not be stated clearly that there is a single set of beliefs or ideals that can agree.  This can be compared to the case of politics. Though most of the politics are said to be different, varying from one state to another or sometimes even within a single state, all of them are geared towards finding the best and most suitable environment for those it represents,.  The politics want to achieve the highest form of freedom for its followers. This difference does not mean that the other forms of politics are inferior, what it tries to put across is that irrespective of the difference, each is seeking the highest form of satisfaction.

According to Dostoevsky, existentialism impacts the society in a number of ways. Existentialism is said to have come into existence in a time that was considered fatal in the human era, this was immediately after the period of the Second World War and great depression. The society was classified as being optimistic and it had been destroyed and flopped to the ground by the effects of the First World War. Seemingly, the midst calamities did not spare it either. The despair among the people is what philosophers articulate and consider being in operation up to now. The articulation is in terms of reasoning and thinking. As Davis, Harrison, Johnson and Crawford note, an existentialist can be an agnostic relativist, a religious moralist or even an amoral atheist. There are a number of philosophers who irrespective of their areas of study have their works in existentialism being accredited.

Each existentialist without considering his area of specialization concurs with the fact that  the life of a human being is not satisfying and full due to the numerous losses and sufferings that take place in search of protection, perfection and trying to in total charge of ones body. Nonetheless, the inadequacies in human life do not imply that the life of man is not meaningful Davis, Harrison, Johnson and Crawford. Most significantly, existentialism is after finding an objective. For instance, a society will often try to impose that its values, beliefs, norms and customers are accorded the highest respect possible. On the part of the existentialists, they believe that such submission and expectations of the society often lead to a person losing power and control of his life thus dehumanizing him and making him look like an object. 

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