In my opinion, I think is not fair for an employee to transfer the invention and product secrets and highlights of our company to the next one when he/she leaves. This is like transfer of patents that denies the originator the benefits of the idea (Berret, 2008). Companies’ secrets of product performance in any given market are the strength that keeps it alive and enhances its survival in a competitive business landscape where most companies fall victims of competition. Companies thus deserve protection from malicious employees. The signing of “Anti-competition Agreements” is thus healthy to promote innovation and fair competition between companies (Berret, 2008).

Employees’ transfer of company top performance secrets is like signing of the death certificate of the company. It is hard to invent and implement new technologies, performance strategies and product portfolio. Companies work hard to reach this level. Exposure of their product secrets is thus the most unfortunate occurrence in a company (Berret, 2008).

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Second Discussion: Examples of Bad Ergonomic Designs

Some ergonomic designs have been have been classified as bad (Darnell, 2010). The first example is the refrigerators at the workplace where employees put the lunch packages. The handle for the refrigerator is put on the left side of the door instead of the front part. Pulling on the handle cannot help in opening the door (Darnell, 2010). The handle is put also on the left. Since these handles are hidden one really risks pulling the entire refrigerator. It is thus not easy to open the door. The handles are put on both sides instead of the front part of refrigerator. In order deal with this bad ergonomic design, the handle should be put on the front door such it is easily seen. There should not be any visible handles on both sides.

Dead batteries are the second example of bad ergonomic design. Batteries are meant for the safety of the driver to avoid engine failure caused by lack of power (Darnell, 2010). However, when the headlights are left on when the last user turned off the engine and got out of the car without putting off the headlight. In the well designed cars, the headlights turn off automatically at the opening of the driver’s door. In order to correct this bad design and avoid dead battery incidences, cars should have warning signal showing that the headlights remained on after putting off the engine and opening the driver’s door. An auto mode that automatically turns off the headlights to avoid battery failure can also be installed (MediaFire, 2011).

Poor ergonomic designs are also reflected in the design for doors. It is very hard to tell which side of the bar can be pressed open for example, the middle door. There lacks open visual indication. When one presses the wrong side, it becomes very hard to open since this needs use of a lot of force. To correct this design, there should be easy to push surface on the bar especially on the side of the bar that opens (MediaFire, 2011).This can be achieved by thickening of the bar. It should be appealing such that it would be easier than using the basic bar. It will also help in persuading people to push on the correct side of the bar (Darnell, 2010).

Staplers have also been identified among the bad ergonomic designs. Some staplers are harder to use than others. For example, it is difficult to use some staplers because of the problems caused by the handle. Darnell (2010) cited that the handle blocks one from viewing where the staples come out. One can thus easily miss the paper while using the staples. In order to deal with this design problem, the view point of the user should be considered (Darnell, 2010).

The fifth example of bad ergonomic design is the hair dryer. It is difficult and sometimes impossible to plug the hair dryer into an outlet connect to the source of power in a hotel room (Darnell, 2010).  This is because the outlet is designed just below the mirror over the hotel sink. One cannot therefore plug the hair dryer in an upside down position since the mirror is in the way. It cannot also be plugged in right-side up since wide prong on the dryer plug will mostly not fit into narrow slot in the electronic outlet (Darnell, 2010).  This happens when the outlet was also installed in an up-side-down position. In order to deal with this bad design, the environment in which it is to be used.

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