Man is a slave of his habits. Once they are imbibed into the system they are the ones that control a man. It is therefore pertinent that one becomes a slave to practices which would yield benefits galore. Investing into something which have very little or no margin of profitability leads to a sorry state of affairs to be felt sooner or later. It is quintessential therefore to quit all those habits which result in a poor aftermath be it physically, emotionally or psychologically. Tobacco consumption whether through smoking, chewing or snuffing is one such derogatory practice which needs to be nipped in the bud if it even hovers close to your system.

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People believe that chewing tobacco is a lesser harmful addiction than smoking or snuffing it. However, the point needs to be begged to difference. Consumption of tobacco in whatever manner is harmful. It does not confer benefits except a pitying dependence once the addiction sets in. So, if unfortunately you are slave to this habit then read on and know yourself the ill effects that chewing tobacco can cause to your health.

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Chewing tobacco comprises a mix of tobacco, nicotine, sweeteners and chemicals. Nicotine is a very addictive substance by its very nature. When a person chews on tobacco it gives the person a high. It leads to a very temporary relief from stress and anxiety causing repetitive consumption of it. These repetitions are the ones that form a habit and then starts a tale of self destruction as you would find in the paragraphs slated below.

  • Tooth Erosion and Decay: The chemical component of chewing tobacco consists of a mix of gravel, sand and other harmful chemicals which impacts the enamel of the tooth leading to premature loss of tooth. The formation of bacteria and plaque affects the gums which results in tooth decay.
  • Bad Breath: People who chew tobacco are prone to bad breadth due to the resultant decay of gums. One can easily speculate the nature of welcome for people who carry bad breath while speaking.
  • Influence on Eating Habits: As chewing gum leads to infection of the gums, the slums in the gums caused as a result exposes the sensitive areas of the tooth. The result of gum decay is a persistent bland taste in the mouth. The temporary eradication of this taste demands a person to increase the intake of salt, sugar and spices in the food consumed.  As the sensitivity of the taste bud decreases the need for greater intakes of spices leads to unhealthy eating habits which further are a cause for other health ailments.
  • Impact on Tongue, the jaws and lips: People addicted to chewing tobacco expose their tongue, jaws and lips to the following discrepancies; a painfully sore throat, immobility of the jaws, a permanent burning sensation on lips and tongue and possible discoloration of the lips.
  • Cancer- Oral and Lung: Chewing of tobacco injects harmful juices in the mouth which result in white patches that may cause oral cancer. However, things might turn even worse as it may affect the lungs as well. It could be anyone’s guess what the dire results would be once such a state is reached.

Why garner ill will against your body when you can choose to treat it like a temple? If you have been enslaved by this bad habit it is time to let go and move on to better offerings. Choose life!

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