Everyone has the responsibility of minding his or her actions and, therefore, cooperation from other people is necessary for there to be mutual coexistence between people (Nola, 2005). For instance, my take on politics is that, it should be a free will undertaking with no coercion imposed on anyone whatsoever. The reasons I hold for this philosophy of democratic politics are that, democrats tend to be considered as liberal and always listen to all viewpoints without prejudice. More importantly, this philosophy views all people as equal and thus advocates for fair and just treatment for all. Furthermore, the philosophy calls for social justice as well people being responsible from the community level. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King are prominent figures in the philosophical history that vehemently stood for the view of political democracy.

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The philosopher I like best is Mahatma Gandhi because of the way he led the Indians in their freedom struggle. His peaceful procedures and non violent tactics led to the country’s attainment of independence. Questioning needs be a requirement for the justification of some personal beliefs whereas the existence of some beliefs requires a form of experience in life to take place (Zastrow, 2009). On the other hand, it’s evident that many people believe what they learnt from their childhood without any critical scrutiny of those teachings. For instance, many white people harbor negative attitudes towards the Africans simply because that is the way their upbringing was. Thus, most of these whites happen to inherit contempt and prejudice from their parents towards the Africans. Therefore, in my view, there is no advantage in believing in anything without looking at the issue with a critical eye. The main disadvantage of believing in something without examination is that one tends to get a preconceived notion about a certain thing or issue while, in the real sense, it’s totally different. My religious belief is one that is worth the entire defense I can muster. This is possible through being well informed about the Christian holy book and other controversial issues that might crop up.

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