How can the Kelley School of Business use social media to successfully achieve its goal?

The goal of Kelley School of Business is to reach all students by social media to engage, inform, and encourage every student to consider building a Major or Minor in the Kelley School.

Social Media definition is: “Activities, practices and behaviors among communities of people who gather online to share information, knowledge, and opinions using conversational media” (Wiles).

The same source says: “School websites had greater influence over prospective students’ decisions about which school to apply than published rankings” (Wiles). Thus, we can assume that the social media will have the same influence on students’ decisions, more than that, the social media gives an excellent opportunity for undergraduates, graduates, alumni and employers to get in touch with the school.

It is useful to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn. When using Facebook, one should remember: “A lot more users may learn about your company or about your product through the timeline, than by visiting your particular company page” (Singh & Diamond 128-136).

Shiv Singh and Stephanie Diamond give more pieces of advice: to use links to the other channels, on which one promotes, for example, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts; to “keep things lively” on the wall; to “use Facebook’s own Insights to see, how you are going” (Singh & Diamond 128-136).

When using LinkedIn Shiv Singh and Stephanie Diamond recommend using apps to enhance the profile, participate and start the groups and use LinkedIn answers.

According to common opinion, the most beloved teachers should have their blogs, for example on Livejournal or Twitter. Shama Kabani gives some pieces of advice: blogging, at least, two times per week, minimum 500 words (when not Twitter), use keywords, interlink to your site, use pictures in every blog. Author also recommends communicating with the other bloggers, who share the same niche (Kabani 27).

In the social media solution that you are developing, how Kelley should deal with students’ comments, students’ gripes or criticisms, and students’ questions?

All the students’ activities must have a feedback. The comments should be read, gripes and criticisms should be answered and satisfied, and questions should be answered.

However, let us first observe Kelley School of Business social media activity. Let make a brief examination of the Facebook page of Kelley School of Business. Not all those Kelley School pages, because it is a plenty of them. First thing, that the social media marketing developers have to do – is to make people talk. As it was said above, your wall and timeline have to be full of life! And, as it can be seen on the wall of the School, things go up: there are events and milestones with videos and photos, the students’ comments, there are links to other interesting sites and articles. Visitors can see the School’s “Likes” and “Recomendations”, and even win and iPad as it is seen on the page of IUPUI University Library!

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However, amount of people who visit this page, chat here, and put “likes”, isn’t really big. There are 430 people, who visited the page and 1593 total “likes”. Unfortunately, active feedback is unlikely to boost the viewership. Summing up, there is no sense of an extraordinary communication with the visitors, who leave their comments. Extreme obsession may even annoy students. Just let the things be.  

There are less opportunities to express yourself on Twitter (you can just twit and share pictures), but it turns to be more crowded place than Facebook. A Kelley School of Business page has 5 597 readers. In its turn, IU Kelley School is subscribed for 1764 other bloggers.

The LinkedIn school’s page has 1940 subscribers. It is obvious, this social media is more important for mentors and assistants, who work in the school.

It was a good decision to make school’s YouTube channel. Those who are interested in it may not waste their time searching for Kelley School of Business video among the other. There is a handful of subscribers on this one and connected pages. Channel needs innovations. For example, videos with events can be posted here. It is a bad idea to make a strict academic channel.

Kelley School of Business can found a School of Journalism for students to entertain, to improve their communication skills, and to inform the students’ community. Kelley School of business may also take a video of the most interesting lectures and round tables, of mock and real interviews, videos from the students’ life.

It is wonderful that Kelley School of business has its own blog. Here, a blogger can write more then 140 symbols.

After having a glance, how Kelley School of Business deals with the social media, let return to our main question: how Kelley should deal with students’ comments, students’ gripes or criticisms, and students’ questions?

The best answer for this question is the following: a Kelley School of Business should make students commenting, griping and putting the questions. That will be the best. This essay has already shown main ideas about how to do it: to create School of Journalism and make exiting videos.

At Pinterest Kelley School of business shares its favorite photos. Kelley School of Business can make its own social media, where it will realize the following projects.

A “School Diary” for every group on every faculty, where the home works, control works, exams, round tables with employers and other events will be reflected. Online library, where students could find all they need (i.e. research papers of their mentors).

Bloomington news. It would be great to have the school radio online. Lectures and audio books can be broadcasted on it. It will help students who caught a cold and do not have an opportunity to visit the lecture. Moreover, there are people who better remember the information by hearing.

It would be great, if every beloved mentor or lecturer had his or her blog.   

How can Kelley win high viewership and high repeat viewership?

All listed higher projects would help Kelly win viewership and even high repeat viewership, if they are realized. Now, it is important to tell how to realize these ideas in the social media, Kelley School of Business work with. 

1. A “School Diary” for every group on every faculty. First of all, it is very convenient app for students. Kelley School of Business may hire professional programmers, or engage students from the IT faculty to work out such an app. It will be used within the Facebook. If not, the opportunities of Facebook can be used this way: for every group on every faculty to create a page, posting there events like: “10.10.2012 Exam on Accounting”, “11.10.2012 Home work for Management Decisions and Financial Reporting”, etc.

2. Online library, where students could find all they need (e.g. research papers of their mentors).    This may be also worked out as an app to Facebook.

3. Bloomington news. It can be managed within the Facebook: Kelley School should give links for Bloomington news.

4. School radio online. Kelley School should first make its own radio with songs and entertainment in daytime, and lections and audiobooks in the evenings. The second step is to make a page of radio in the Internet. The third one is to make an app for the Facebook.

5. The School of Journalism, which members will work over the videos for YouTube.

6. Kelley School may give a platform for students to diversify their everyday life: arrange music bands, dram studio or a handicraft circle. Kelley School can participate in the students’ life and that will result in a dynamic discussion on the wall in Facebook.   

How can Kelley’s social media efforts avoid making users lonely?

Before writing the feedback for the article, let look at the things, which lie on surface. Firstly, it is essential to be philosophical: an individual is lonely from the beginning to the end of his or her life. There is no way to avoid it. To avoid loneliness one has to be in harmony with oneself. There are oriental practices, among which the yoga and meditation are. They help people to reach this harmony. There is a plenty of reasons, which make people feel lonely. Sometimes, person might feel lonely even being among friends. 

To live in society means to have healthy relationships with others. To have such relationships, you should respect yourself and the others and try to do something good for everyone, even you think somebody hurted you once. Keep your virtue. It is good to start and end your day with wishing all the best to everyone you know. There is no sense of keeping offenses. Passions destroy ourselves. Passions would arise anyway, you shouldn’t avoid them, but you may just let them pass.   

Be careful about what you read, watch and listen – it has to be useful, because it forms your foundation, because life is not so long to waste it. Be careful about what you think and say – it forms your attitude. If you think badly about someone – think twice and maybe your thoughts will change. Be careful for what you do – it forms your life. There is nowhere to hurry and nothing to achieve except the visible goals. Care for what you do, but do not be afraid of doing something, because everyone mistakes. This all is a secret how to overcome loneliness.

Now let talk about social media and the article. Firstly, the author has really good journalistic skills.

Vickers’s web of connections had grown broader but shallower, as has happened for many of us” (Marche). It is impossible to disagree with author. Use social media wise seeking for the real relationships,

“In his recent book about the trend toward living alone, Eric Klinenberg, a sociologist at NYU, writes: “Reams of published research show that it’s the quality, not the quantity of social interaction, that best predicts loneliness.” True” (Marche). True.

“We also know, thanks to a growing body of research on the topic, that loneliness is not a matter of external conditions; it is a psychological state”. Everyone concurs with the author.

“A 2010 AARP survey found that 35 percent of adults older than 45 were chronically lonely, as opposed to 20 percent of a similar group only a decade earlier” (Marche). It is the separate topic to discuss.

“The new studies on loneliness are beginning to yield some surprising preliminary findings about its mechanisms”. Namkai Norbu, Tibetian master, said that the problem of western society is in seeking for the “button” that will stop sufferings. However there is a path to stop the sufferings.

“The mere belief in God,” the researchers concluded, “was relatively independent of loneliness.”” Here it is. It is hard to disagree with author again.

We should void narcissism or just let it pass.

“Yvette Vickers’s computer was on when she died” (Marche). It is very strong metaphor.    

The article is actual and clear. It raises the number of problems inside the problem of loneliness and shows many features of loneliness. It also gives the decisions.

Admittedly, let us now return to our question: how can Kelley’s social media efforts avoid making users lonely? Loneliness is not a problem of the social media. Social media makes an illusion of being in touch with everyone, of being aware, what is going on, even if one does not participate in discussion. Social media can make people passive. From the other side, social media gives people an opportunity for the different activity. We can get in touch with our real life friends. We can write to someone, because we are shy to call. However, calling after a conversation, we can arrange a meeting.

That is why, the main things to share on the Facebook are events. Kelley School should arrange events and invite students to visit them. It also should encourage the students to arrange events via: giving information about what and where is going on (as we remember, Bloomington has a lot of places to visit); giving the real space for the students’ activity.

What would your idea look like?  Please draw a full page picture of your social media idea

I am going to present you what it would look like, if Kelley School of Business will create its own social media.

This is, approximately, how I do imagine it. It is a sketch. I suggest using the functions, which are proposed in Facebook. However, I think there is a sense of simplifying personal pages.

Now – about what I have drawn. In the left high corner there is an emblem of the Kelley School of Business. Next to it, there is the inscription “Mates”. This is the name of our social network. In the right high corner there is a picture of our planet, which symbolize that students come to Kelley School all over the world. Under the planet and symbol, there are simply-drawn humans, who joined their hands.

There is a window for events, where all the Kelley School events will appear. And there is a window for news, where Bloomington news will appear. Students will have an opportunity to comment, criticize and put their questions. There is also an opportunity to add videos and photos.

There is a “Radio” hot button. When pushing it, students will tune to the Schools radio waves.

Then, there is a fellow with the “Diary” in his hands. This is an opportunity for students to use the “Diary” app, which I was speaking about above. It will let them know, what task they have to accomplish for tomorrow. The diary should be filled in by mentor, desirably. The “Diaries” should be different for every group. The computer will check, which group are the students from and lead them to their diary. Beside the curriculum, some special events, like interviews with employers can be marked here.

Lower, there is a YouTube button. There is Kelley School’s channel on the YouTube. I proposed to found a School of Journalism in the Kelley’s School of Business. Members of this school will make video reports from different events of School and the town.

And the last one: there is a button in a form of book “Lib online” that means “Online library”. It will contain tutorials, books connected with the faculty program and mentor’s research articles. This idea can be realized within making agreement with the other existing online libraries. The Kelley School or the students will pay to the authors for the public use of their works.

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