A Malthusian catastrophe is also known as Malthusian disaster, trap, or crisis. It is a situation where the community turns to a subsistence level of existence or living due to scarce resource. This may be caused by overtaxing or poor weather conditions (Malthus 66). The author check on the production, which is the theme where the population is rapidly growing, is concerned about the high demand of the products, which are not available. He uses some proverbial terms to express and to explain his message across (Ernesto 34).

The thesis here is how the limited supply of the products will be used to addressed the issue of high demand where some people do not believe on him when he says, it is beyond the planet’s to produce mass quantities of food (Korotayev 62). He believe it is the responsibility of the government to provide life to its citizens where his other colleagues such as David Oats and Toshiro Tanaka believe its everybody’s responsibility and not only the government. He also talks about the society, which is obsessed, with the youth (Ernesto 40).

Ernesto Robles: life and his work “The Malthusian catastrophe” 

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Ernesto Robles was born in the California state, San Francisco city (Turchin 38). He pursued Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Santa Barbara. After his undergraduate, he pursued his master’s degree (Masters in Business Administration) at University of Chicago and Master of Science from the University of Texas (Hopkins 513). Robles spent most of his time building his career as an investment banker based in New York and an economist based in Washington D.C where he also conducted international trade. Because of his extensive traveling, business transactions and experiences he gained, he decided to reflect all these in writing. He wrote his first novel known as the Malthusian Catastrophe where he articulated about a non-traditional thriller. He addressed the issues on the complexity of today’s socio-political environment, which is exceptional for entertaining stories. He currently lives in New York City (Ernesto 36).

In his writing, Robles uses proverbs to convey his message; for instance, he took an issue with the government and asked if it had any responsibility and ability to provide immortality to all its citizens (Julian 65). Robles wanted to convey the message and challenge the government whether it can provide enough food to its citizen incases of high demand but low supply. Will the people die of hunger because of lack of food? He expresses this by use of two contrasting words, which are, living and dying. Instead of telling the people to look for other ways of increasing food supply so as to avoid shortages, he says that, people should continue growing crops beyond the planet and to have resources necessary to yield more (Julian 67). He is systematic on how he presents and conveys the message using metaphors such as symbols and similes. The author is warning the government and the people to have strategies and ways of increasing food supply due to the rapidly increasing population (Brown 224).

In his book, he said, catastrophes such as wars, devastating diseases, and mass starvation will be experienced if the world population outstrips the food supply (UNEP 56). The other characters who are also economists are very concern about the future and he is sending a warning signal top the whole world on the future disasters if they are not corrected now. On the way it is trying to pass the message using metaphors, he is telling the people to control the birth rates so as not to give pressure to the scarce resources (Ernesto 42).

The tone is not harsh but it can give a warning of the looming danger of the society obsessed with the youth. This means that, the majority of the people in the society are the young people (youth) (Brown 225). His writing is humorous especially on how it indirectly criticizes the older people of disheartening the society for many decades that has caused recession and difficult economic times. He believes the youth are the new generation and it is coming with the new blood to replace the growing global anti-aging craze. By this, he meant that, the youths would dramatically change the political and social landscape because they have the ability and capability (Hopkins 515). He uses the term “sinsen” to mean the youth can ensure there is enough food supply and improved economic conditions. Robles has also explored other moral issues using decent language that gives psyche to the readers because of the proverbs and humor spiced in it which makes it appealing. The dialogue used to communicate in social network is clear and it conveys the intended message to the right people. It is involving because the people respond ask and respond to the questions appropriately (Ernesto 43).


Robles have done exemplary work by conveying the message to the people on how to improve on the economic stability by controlling the birth rates (Malthus 82). He uses the humor, proverbs, and an appealing tone to attract people to his writing. He gives hope to the society and the way forward on how to deal with catastrophes, which are related to high demand, which affects the general economy. Though he has conveyed the right message concerning the theme (production), Robles should not have discriminated the old people as he tries to empower the youth. He should encourage everybody so as to build a united country where all people are seen to be contributing to its social, political, and economic growth (Hopkins 518)

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