“Difficulties strengthen the mind as labor does the body” is a quote that speaks a lot regarding the life led by people. The reality behind this quote is reflected on how people change the way they lead they lead their lives whenever they are faced with a challenge. Arguably, people’s lives are usually centered on what the moment brings; thus, the reason why people harden when their comfort zone is disturbed.

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This essay explicates the relevance of the aforementioned quote regarding my own experience and other people’s lives.

Firstly, the above quote reflects my life as I have encountered several hardships in my life that left me with an option to forge on or quit. However, since my eyes were focused on the goals ahead, I did not quit, and can argue that the hardships made me more versatile. In the context of labor strengthening the body, my education provides a compelling example to explicate the point, in that, despite finding some subjects to be difficult, I put in more effort, which enables me to understand what initially seemed as hard.

From other people’s perspective, we notice that some individuals become aware of their potential especially after being afflicted by problems. For instance, many people spend their time casually assuming that things will always be normal. However, their attitudes and lifestyles immediately change when they are faced with an emergency such as an accident or disease.

In conclusion, the above quote has validity in the literal sense in that we notice people who do hard labor depict muscles on their bodies. Thus, in my life experience I can relate the quote at the time when I was afflicted with hardship. My hardship was the lack of finance, but I had hope and promised myself to work extra harder, which enabled me to become financial stable. It is true hardships serve to make human beings stronger.

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