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Tomas Luis Victoria’s O Magnum Mysterium belongs to the works created at the age of Renaissance and is considered to be one of the best choral motets written in that time. His music may be referred to the so-called ‘sacred’ music or church music. Originally, the motet was written to glorify the Circumcision of Jesus and later redesigned to honor His Birth. Nowadays O Magnum Misterium is sung when celebrating Christmas. It is quite evident that this motet was meant to express the author’s admiration and awe to the birth of Jesus. Victoria must have been overwhelmed about realizing the meaning of the all-mighty Lord’s gift to Mankind. This can be seen out of some words from the motet like “O great mystery and wonderful sacrament, that animals should see the Lord’s birth, lying in a manger!”. He admired that the Son of a God came to this world, not as a king or a lord but a simple peasant, born in a manger amongst animals. It is an evident sign of the eternal and unconditional love of God. The word Alleluia, in the end of the motet, gives the understanding of Victoria’s true joy and faith about Christ and His birth.

The tone of O Magnum Misterium impresses by the immense and superb power of music and choir. That does not mean the loudness of the singing, but the magnificent energy that fulfills listeners. When hearing those awesome and inspiring passages people feel that Miracle of Birth, because of those exalted sounds, easily got into the brain and heart, spreading this wonderful awe feeling all around the body and making it shiver. The motet is great and wonderful. Thus, even if you are not much into such type of music, it will not leave you indifferent and, in this or that way, touch your soul.

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