The USA, being a powerful and strong in many aspects country, has a lot of enviers and hidden enemies all around the globe. Earnest states that reciprocal spying is a quite normal state of things as it is “just the cost of doing business” (Coppins, 2010). Among the countries, which have been found leading espionage recently, are Iran, North Korea, and China. The USA repays them with the same. Despise improving diplomatic relations, Russia has never stopped spying on America since the Cold War as well (Coppins, 2010).

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The 21st century signified the beginning of the information war. The damages caused by corporate spies are rising fast as they are not necessarily confined to only few corporations. Conduction of foreign industrial espionage in the U.S. proves a serious menace to the economy of this nation. Hence, it is of urgent necessity for the U.S. to check the drain of economic or industrial information as it would be an irreparable loss to the nation.

The reasons for different types of espionage may vary depending on the relations to the country and their needs. Spies gather information regarding the political and economical state of the country, advanced technology, national secrets, and secret projects. For instance, the U.S. reports “hundreds of thousands” Beijing cyber attacks on a daily basis. The purpose of their intrusions is to break the computer network and steal information regarding technology. There has also been uncovered few instances of spying from Israeli, including the Jonathan Pollard case (Coppins, 2010).

According to the reports, Chinese and Russian spies are the most numerous “aggressive and capable collectors” (Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive security, 2011). According to the source, they gather the data regarding economy and business information, information technology, military and marine information and technologies, availability of scarce resources and nuclear readiness (Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive security, 2011).

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