The term, cold war, was used to explain the changing great effort for power and reputation between the communists and the Western powers commencing at the end of the Second World War until 1989. This conflict was evident in the differences of ideologies. Each of them wanted to be the dominating power (Dunbabin, 2008).

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The cold war came into a standstill in early 1990s. A new look at the common conflicts that had under enemy control the concluding part of the twentieth century was facilitated by the contemporary affairs scholars (Skinner, 2008). Even after the trial to make ends of the conflicts meet, it was apparent that in the coming days, there would be a greater threat to the survivors of all the socialist and capitalist states and mankind.  The world was being fought by two nations that did not even have half the population of the world. The two world nations that were involved in this activity were the Soviet Union and the United States.

According to Lewis, (2006) The United States was attempting to promote its ideology of democracy while the soviet was attempting to extend the idea of communist to the rest of the world. Through many actions, the union of soviet over-reacted and as a result the United States became threatened as far as mankind’s existence is concerned. The main aim for the Soviet Union was not only to intimidate, but also to help put off the totalitarian government from spreading both in the United States and the entire world.

There is a strong belief that this cold war activity was a mistake to growing countries. During the exercise, more than twenty million persons lost their lives and it was extremely sad. Nuclear weapons and money was used at this time of cold war. For instance, The United States gave a scholarship to a good number of regional alliances (Larres and Ann, 2001).

We can conclude that the cold war was a competition and full of hatred between the two nations. However as the years moved on, they started establishing a good relationship between each other. Several meetings were held by their leaders in order to help ease the tensions and create good relations between them.

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