In discussing the organizational buyers, it is important to point out that in this case the organizational buyer is Laipac Technology. The company buys all of the necessary components (mostly electronic and plastics) in order to manufacture its GPS tracking systems. This being said, it must be said that the company will attempt to procure materials that enable the manufacture of a high quality, durable, effective GPS tracking system. Moreover, design will attempt to reconcile ergonomics with aesthetics. Third, an attempt will have to be made to keep production costs down; the lower the costs the higher the value proposition that will be derived without this implying an excessively price charged to households. Finally, it is also worth noting that in order for the final product meet the company’s image and quality standards, it is important that only high quality components are procured (which might have increasing effects on the ultimate sale price).

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The organization’s consumer base is comprised of all households that have small children and/or own pets. Parents are always looking for ways of ensuring their children’s safety, especially when they are young. Based on this, the proposed product (the LS411 for children) is likely to have an exceedingly positive impact in terms of appeal and sales. The LS411 bracelet has the backing of Laipac Technology, a market leader in the development and implementation of GPS and tracking technologies. This is a second factor that will appeal to all parents, especially for young first-time parents. Parents tend to be over protective of their small children. Due to this, the idea of having a GPS tracking system integrated into an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and durable bracelet is highly appealing (especially if the manufacturer is a recognized company that specializes in GPS tracking technologies and has an excellent track record to boot). However, it is important to consider that despite the factors that contribute to increasing the sales potential of the product, it is important to point out that price is a significant factor, one that ultimately decides whether or not the product sells. Therefore, in order to maximize sales potential, it is important that an attempt is made to providing the highest possible value at the lowest possible cost. (Note: all of this applies to the PS411 bracelet, as most pet owners view their pets as young children).

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