I have always believed that with a clear vision and sound state of mind everything is possible if only resilience is applied. Having been born in Thailand 19 years ago, I had the privilege of studying in Singapore when I was in eighth grade which gave me the experience of learning in diverse environments from an early age. I managed to perform well in my academics in grade 10 and managed to graduate as the best student in my class. It was at this point that the limitations placed by the school prevented me from taking all the sciences as the school allowed students to take two sciences. I was allowed to take only chemistry and physics although I would have wished to study all the sciences. At this point I was not aware of the long term implication of this limitation because it would later dictate the course I was qualified to take later in my academic life.

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After graduating from high school I was yet again privileged to join college where I enrolled in Serangoon Junior college in Singapore. It was during my years in Junior college when I started developing interests in Biomedical Sciences. I later did my background research in Biomedical Sciences and it was after this that I made the choice that I wanted to pursue a career in Biomedical Sciences. However, due to the college regulations concerning admission to take certain courses I failed to qualify for a course in Biomedical Sciences. At this point perhaps the passion for Biomedical Sciences was not strong enough because I opted for the alternative course which was in Engineering. I studied Engineering grudgingly in junior college but still managed to perform well in the subjects. However, it reached a point when I realized that I had to make an important decision of whether to continue studying what I did not like or defy the odds and pursue my long time dream of studying Biomedical Sciences. I opted for the second option which saw me go back to Thailand and look into ways of studying Biology. I have since begun studying Biology privately and have even enrolled for GSCE examinations which am due to sit come November. This was a great sacrifice and decision for me as it meant that I take one year gap before going to college. Nevertheless, I feel that it is worth it since it will give me the chance of studying what I have always dreamt of studying; Biomedical Sciences.

The decision to come back to Thailand and study Biology privately has also given me numerous opportunities to learn more about my country. Apart from that, I have also had the privilege of visiting many places which has strengthened my appreciation for diversity. I have also developed several constructive hobbies as I have taken to playing guitar and painting. I have also had time to visit less fortunate persons in Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos and this has nurtured a sense of appreciation to the things that are mostly taken for granted. The experience was invaluable to me personally as it taught me lifelong lessons that made me appreciate the period. I even had the chance to visit poverty stricken regions where I had the privilege of teaching English to native children. I later realized that there was nothing as self fulfilling as offering my services not for the purpose of material gain but for the sole purpose of adding value to another person’s life. Therefore, I do not consider the 1 year gap as a waste of time but as a moment where I rediscovered myself and this has even strengthened my passion to pursue Biomedical Sciences.

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