The doctrine of the soul is one of the semantic centers of Plato’s philosophy. According to Plato, body and soul are clearly separated from each other, and the soul must dominate the body. In order to convince Melissa of the existence of the souls, Melinda may use some arguments made by the philosopher. First of all, the soul as a substance that exists under many idealistic philosophical directions and religious groups is known to be an immortal and immaterial essence, which expresses the divine nature of man, giving the start and causing life, the ability of feeling, thinking, consciousness, and will, as opposed to the body.

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The core of Plato’s concepts is the theory of recollection. According to the philosopher, the soul remembers the ideas that it has already met and known at that time while being separated from the body and when it has existed freely in the realm of ideas.

All human beings are generally supposed to have both tangible and intangible characteristics. Obviously, all people have bodies consisting of flesh, blood, bones, organs, and cells. However, the intangible qualities of the person haven’t been questioned recently either.

Refusing the idea of existence of souls, Melissa may accentuate that human activity is governed by a creative principle of cognition, which is considered as a part of human being, who in turn is at the highest stage of nature development, and therefore becomes perfect. Standing above all created things, human being reflects the whole world. The essence and nature of man lies in his body, being the substance, whereas soul is merely a part of the substance. Body and soul are inextricably linked and can not exist without each other similar to human functions like will and intellect. The existence of the soul separately from the body is thus impossible since it contradicts to the natural requirements of the soul, the purpose of which is to create a complete body for a separate person. When the body dies, then the function of the soul dies as well. However, to prove it, as well as immortality of the soul, is impossible for there is no fundamental evidence of the existence of the other world, because nobody came back from the dead to tell about it.

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