The world market offers an enormous amount of goods to customers nowadays. One can easily find himself lost in the diversity of brands. Companies found a brilliant solution to avoid the confusion – logotypes. Logotype is an original inscription of either full or abbreviated name of a good or a company. Now logo is a major element of any company. Apple is an exceeding American corporation producing computers, audio players, phones and software. It was recognized to be the most expensive brand in the world. An unquestionable fact is that such a company needs an easily recognizable logotype.

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Everyone knows to what company belongs computer or phone with a bitten apple on it. Things with this sign nowadays could be found almost in every house and it is doubtfully possible to recollect when, where and how one got acquainted with Apple’s logotype. Though, the first Apple logo had almost nothing in common with today’s worldwide famous image.

A pen and ink drawing of Isaac Newton sitting under the tree was the first symbol of the company. An apple hung down above his head. This logo, designed by Ronald Wayne, was a real masterpiece. Nevertheless, the company came to conclusion that there is a need to simplify the logotype. Rob Janoff was in charge of creating a new logo. His conversation with Steve Jobs led to the decision of leaving the apple in the logo. Rob Janoff provided himself with apples and started drawing all possible variants. Finally, he decided in favor of a bitten on the right top side apple. The painting was made in several variations: solid color apple, metallic colored apple, stripped apple. The company accepted the last version.

There are a lot of rumors about the rainbow colored logotype. Some people believe it represents the flag of sexual minorities. More plausible explanation claims colors to symbolize the company’s scientific breakthrough in producing computers with color screens. Apple has been using the colored logo for 22 years. Later Steve Jobs decided to change the colored version into a monochrome one.

The shape of the logo remains unchangeable for more than 30 years. The symbol of bitten apple gives occasion to various versions of its meaning. It could be a hint on the biblical subject about Eve biting the forbidden fruit. It could be a referent to an apple which fell down on Newton’s head and made him discover the law of gravity. It could bear a resemblance to a term “byte” used in a computer terminology consonant with the verb “to bite”. It could have been done out of deference to Alan Turing who is called a father of the computer science and who is said to commit suicide by biting a cyanide poisoned apple. In spite of all these theories Rob Janoff assures that an apple was bitten only in order to make it look different from any other fruits, so customers could not misapprehend it for some other brand.

Logotype’s delineation is extremely simple. It represents an apple bitten from the right top side. Another outstanding characteristic is a leaf turned toward the right side. The Apple acquired silvery polished coloration after omitting previous rainbow colors. Initially designed without the help of computers, made by the use of glue and cut paper, pencils and pens, it remains a leading brand’s logotype. Despite any changes people of the world still recognize the Apple logo during such a long term. Moreover, the logo itself does not include the name of the company, any words or phrases. People can believe in any story about creation of the Apple’s logo they enjoy, but this will not change the fact that the bitten apple is taken for granted alongside with the Apple Company.

The Apple logo solution perfectly fits the corporation since it tells the company’s name to a customer at first glance and without a word.

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