Kentucky Fried Chicken, commonly known as KFC, is a big chin of fast food products in Louisville, Kentucky, US. Kentucky Fried Chicken was founded by Harland Sanders in the year 1952, who had retired from the military. The idea of coming up with KFC is dated as having been born in the year 1930’s. Kentucky Fried Chicken has been in business since 1997 when the company split from Pepsi Company. The primary business of the company is selling of chicken products, sandwiches and other fast foods. It offers a variety of cooked chicken including grilled and roast chicken though its fundamental target is to offer fried chicken to the customers. The company has undergone numerous expansions and offers other products outside the united states, some of the products which include hamburgers and pork products.
Kentucky therefore being one of the leading companies in the world, I argue that it has achieved success and contributed to the proper health of its customers through proper provision of better services. In this thesis, I give a clear outline of the products and their effect, and also state that Kentucky, apart from it just being a fast food company, it is also an equal potential employer both in the US and outside US. I also look at its advertisement and future goals that Kentucky wants to achieve.


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It is clear that Kentucky has always exhibited success in all its endeavors. This is because at Kentucky, employees believe in the mission statement of becoming the leading kitchen for convenient Meals and to feed every family a great- tasting meal at least ones a week. To even put it more candidly, as can be seen from the video, KFC offers good quality packaging services using the large buckets on large orders of chicken. This is a very clear representation and achievement of their mission as one of the original founders, Dave, who operated several franchises in Ohio and Columbus, designed it with a purpose so that the paper packaging could help maintain the crispiness of the chicken by absorbing excess moisture. Hence this clearly indicates that Kentucky strives towards provision of quality products to customers.

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Among the major products of the company is the fried chicken that the company is known for. The chicken is fried under pressure and mixed with the original recipe. Another type of chicken is made using garlic marinade and then deep fried with a layer of flour. Kentucky chicken is also on their menu which is an alternative to people who are conscious about their health. Sandwiches are offered in two lines that include regular chicken sandwiches and Smackers. The regular chicken has a composition of natural seeds of sesame and corn while Smackers comprise a different set of chicken strips and toppings. In other countries, sandwiches are referred to as burgers. The secret behind the success of these restaurants is the unique services that they offer to their customers. Among them is the famous is the recipe of more than ten herbs that creates a finger licking taste which remains until to date, their strength. Portions of the secretly kept recipe are made and stored in different states in the United States while the handwritten copy is securely stored in a volt in its headquarters. This therefore shows and demonstrates the fact that at Kentucky, innovation and determination is the only way to achieving their mission as stated above.
Despite his demise in 1980, Sanders remains a significant figure in adverts of the company. Early adverts characterized sanders licking his fingers and conversing with viewers about the secret recipe. In the advert of this assignment, as seen from the video a bucket containing the products is spotted being carried. The advert contains features of a family enjoying chicken from KFC on a Sunday. Among the most beautiful features of the advert is colorful and well-designed packing of the product and the color of the product itself. It is quite obvious to the viewer that it has been made using the best recipes. As you watch he family take bites of the chicken, you just feel you could be the one taking it which then brings us to the fact that at Kentucky, appetite is not only created but also satisfied.
Kentucky Fried Chicken has been known as a darling food company for everybody, if not all the people in the US. All people who are aware of it know that it is the only company where quick, affordable and delicious meals can be found. However, the unceasing and undying desire for the Kentucky food company to provide better service delivery to the society makes them become more of the society oriented than food and profit making oriented. It has contribute more towards the community than good food. Employees of KFC and its restaurants are always involved in many a projects that are of great benefit to the African American community and contribute to both the local and national economy thus leading to the economic empowerment of the community, And therefore I argue that, through the above substantiated point, that Kentucky as a company, has contributed more positively towards the society both in profit and empowerment of the society than other companies which contribute negatively.
Kentucky Fried Chicken has also been able to work with Opportunities Industrialization Center and initiated so many youth training and hiring programs in several inner-city communities across all the states. KFC involving itself in so many projects is no big joke for a company of its caliber. KFC sponsors Louisville Defender Newspaper’s Minority Consumer Expo and Career Education Fair. The outstanding landmark project of KFC is that it helps underwrite the Full Wood Foundation, which was established by KFC franchisee Harlow Full Wood Jr. to fully support community programs and projects in Baltimore’s inner city. If History is to be trusted, in 1996 KFC launched the KFcares program in Louisville. The program was to enable all the local KFC restaurants to award cheques of up to more than $1000 to worthwhile projects in the surroundings of each restaurant. Another program which also ensures that KFC keeps truck of its mission is through provision of food and voluntary services to thousands of projects in the country. I therefore argue that KFC still remains on the truck of its gate.
On the economic impact, KFC restaurants have also been on the forefront ensuring that there is not only better service delivery but also provision of cheaper and delicious foods. Millions of dollars are contribute through taxes which also end up benefiting the local communities. KFC also offers employment to the local people and therefore contributing towards community development. The interesting fact is that all the 15-30 employees required by each restaurant come from the immediate community and therefore helps empower this communities. KFC, dealing in poultry products, also helps in support of all projects that aim at producing raw materials for their kitchen and they therefore help in strengthening of the community. They buy furniture and other supplies just from the immediate area. Furthermore, KFC has helped in improving security of the immediate area through installation of street lights. Hence its mission of remaining true to the community is still alive.


As I have argued above, it is proper to understand that KFC has done a lot to the society more than other companies have done. From strengthening the economy to empowering the society, KFC still remains on its fundamental mission of being true to its people.

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