The book War by Sebastian closely compares with the documentary film Restrepo by Hetherington and Junger.  The writer talks about a scene of war in Afghanistan that he witnessed. The war took place at a time when he serving US army as a regular soldier. The documentary film on the other hand draws a lot from the content of the book.

Comparison and contrast between the book and the movie

The book and the film compare massively on various aspects. For instance, production artists, the plots, the themes and the structures of the two works are similar. However, there are also evident contrasting aspects between the book and the film. 

Production artists

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The two art works share a common artist. In this case, Sebastian Junger plays a role both in the writing of the book as well as production of the film. The film is a documentation of the experiences of Junger and Hetherington. The title of the film is an outpost in which Junger was embedded.

Both the book and the film are set in the same plot. the ‘War’ by Junger has its setting in the most hostile place known as Korangal Valley. The author brings out a massive reality about the war in Afghanistan which leaves the reader with lots of questions answered.  Junger took part in the war itself therefore documents his personal experiences. On the other hand, the film is focused on the deployment of U.S soldiers in Afghanistan, Korangal Valley. The film and the Book are documentations of events that took place in Korangal Valley.

Both the book and the film factors outline similar themes in their plots. The themes that are evident in the ‘War’ include “Killing,” “Love,” and “Fear.” These same themes are clearly displayed in the Film. In the film, the two put their lives in the line of the people who were being shoot by the deployed U.S army.  The theme of killing is evident in the film as the two documents deadly events in Korangal Valley. Many lives are lost in the fight both from the opponents and from the proponents. The two overlooks political influence and ego in the documentation of the true happenings at Korangal Valley. In the midst of war, they opted to capture dangerous scenes which show the objective of the war.  The book narrates about the combat, the love between platoon-mates, the trauma of killing. The theme of love is clearly evident between Junger and Hetherington as they declare that they would rather die than let each other down.

Structure of the film and the book

The structure of ‘War’ is more of a narration of the life of soldiers in the army. The book is separated into various sections describing different times in the Army. Every section deals with a specific theme. The film on the other hand is structured into scenes whereby each scene is targeted at portraying a specific theme within the film flow. The two made ten trips to Korangal Valley and each scene in the films exposes the events that transpired during each visit.

The main objective of Sebastian in the book ‘War’ is to enlighten all soldiers in the world. He seeks to answer most questions that trouble soldiers in their bid to undertake a command. He also explores the extent of love that would prompt a fellow soldier to risk his life for others. The film is a rare documentation of soldiers taking part in the discussion of the war at Afghanistan. The two authors clear analyses the fear and the boredom of fighting from the perspective of soldiers.

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